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Chris Sims - The Humble Consultant

I have a track record of bringing high quality software to market efficiently. I do this through direct technical contribution, project management, training, and implementing effective development processes.

Work Experience
Assistant Director, Software Engineering - FactSet
March 2005 - March 2006
Lead Software Engineer - FactSet
April 2004 - March 2005

Led the team that built the next generation PC smart client for the FactSet application platform.  The new platform was needed to address an immediate competitive threat. 

Senior Software Engineer - FactSet
August 2000 - March 2004

Worked on a team to develop the Active Publishing Workstation (APW) application, which seamlessly integrates FactSet's functionality into Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to automate the creation of pitch books for the investment banking industry.  This was the most ambitious PC application that FactSet had attempted thus far with respect to size, scope, complexity, and time to market.  After one year on the project I was made the project leader.

Software Engineer - FactSet
July 1998 - August 2000

Created a thread-safe COM API to expose the power of the FactSet client-server system to Windows developers   

Created advanced versions of C++ ASSERT and VERIFY for FactSet's VMS production environment

Built a secure client authentication system for the Web, using digital certificates.  

Freelance Consulting
For a leading company in voice recognition systems
Built a return-on-investment modeling application. The application is a sales tool which creates projections for costs, savings, and ROI for call centers considering purchasing voice recognition software. Input is gathered via a wizard-driven interface. The application generates presentation quality spreadsheets and charts, which the company uses as a key tool in the sales process.

For a value added reseller of school district software
Built data conversion utilities that made it possible for their clients to migrate from legacy software packages as well as to import data into regulatory compliance systems.

For a community college
Built a database system for student identification cards,  including maintenance utilities and documentation.  Provided training and support for users of the system.

As a way of giving back to the community
Created a database application for managing fund-raising auctions. The application was created using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access. Several non-profit groups have used the system to manage the personnel, inventory, and financial aspects of their fund-raising auction events.

Linux system administration, website and email hosting
Operate a Linux server which provides hosting for my own domains as well as the following clients:

Intern Software Developer - Tellabs
Summer, 1997

Added diagnostic functionality to TITAN 5500 telecommunications cross-connect system, using C and 6800 assembler.

Intern Software Developer - Manton Communications
Summer, 1996

As part of a small team, implemented a web-based multi-user game, using C++ and CORBA.

UNIX Computer Operator - Metropolitan Library Systems

Ran daily backups, reports, and maintenance programs. Provided telephone support for users.


Associate of Science, 1995
GPA 4.0 / 4.0
President, Student Government Association